Why Dutton Christian School?

Hear what some of our parents have to say about their experience here.

Praying for Each Other

“What an amazing last day of DK for Levi. Parents were invited for the last hour and let me tell you I think I cried the whole time. The best part was at the end of the day, all 18 of the kids and the two teachers sat in a ‘prayer circle’. It started out with one teacher opening with prayer and then turning to the student next to her and asked how she could pray for her today. She put her hand on the student’s shoulder and prayed. Then that student prayed for the next and they went around the entire circle like this. How amazing is it to see 5 year olds who pray for each other! Just another reason I love Dutton Christian, and am forever grateful to my neighbor for leading me that way last year!!”
-Kerri Stegeman Rozell, parent

Worshipping Together

“Went to pick my daughter up from school for an ortho apt, and I walked past one class, and they were all singing “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” As I can still hear them singing, I walk past another class with all their heads bowed in prayer. I love it! You can’t put a price tag on that!! What a wonderful thing to worship and praise God with all your friends! That is worth all the money in the world!”
-Michelle Dronker, parent


Eight years ago my wife and I were contemplating where to send our first son to school: private, public or charter school. I’m sure this was a decision that many of you had to make for the first time. We had to ask ourselves, If we choose to go the way of private school, how were we going to be able to afford it? My wife, Kristi, had gone through Christian education all of her school years, and I had gone the way of public. Plus not to overlook the fact that I came from a family of public school educators. What to do?? As believers of God we did what we always do when dealing with difficult situations, we prayed for God’s guidance. God clearly was pushing us towards Christian education and to a little, unknown school to both of us called Dutton Christian. After choosing Dutton Christian, we still had the concern…How are we going to afford it?

Once again we prayed for God’s guidance. God kept speaking to me with one word, “choice”. If we choose this path of education then we would have to make other difficult choices – not to get a new car, not to go on elaborate vacations, and other personal sacrifices. God also answered our prayers by giving me a promotion within my company which was equal to the school tuition. God is amazing! Now I’m not going to lie, I myself still had a little apprehension as to whether we made the right choice. It didn’t take long for that apprehension to go away as I saw the love and education that my son was receiving through the Christian values of the school and teachers. Since then I’ve never looked back at our choice and have never asked how, instead I say it’s a must for both of my sons. -Marcus Bradman, Former School Board Member

Blessed in a Community of Believers

When we moved into the area several years ago, my husband and I chose Dutton Christian School because it was close to where we lived and we wanted a Christian education for our children. Our family has been in the system for 10 years now and we have been SO BLESSED by DCS. The teachers are phenomenal – each one of them is outstanding at what they do. The administration and School Board work hard to support them. My children have not only been challenged acedemically, but they have also been challenged to make a difference in this world. Our entire family has been blessed by this community of believersl If you are looking for quality Christain education in action- DCS is where it’s at!!! —Submitted by a parent Review submitted at GreatSchools.org.