Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services partners with staff and parents to provide direct instruction and support for our students with unique learning needs. Inclusive education is an important part of expecting community at DCS. We believe that students learn best when they are participating as much as possible with their peers. We also provide targeted remediation and intervention for those students who have been identified with learning needs. Our goal is to help each of our students recognize their God-given gifts and to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

Our staff maintains regular communication with classroom teachers and parents regarding student progress. Consultation is also available to discuss accommodations and interventions.

We have a limited number of Psychological Evaluations available through All Belong Center for Inclusive Education. In consultation with teachers and parents, we may refer a student in order to better understand the learning profile of a student to assist us in providing targeted instruction.

We also consult regularly with the teacher consultant from the All Belong Center and the providers of special services from Caledonia Community Schools. For more information, click here.

Meet Sandy Thornburg, K-2 LSS, LSS Coordinator

Meet Rachel Harkema, 3-5 LSS Teacher

Meet Diane Bonnema, 6-8 LSS Teacher

Click here for our Learning Support Glossary.