Technology Vision
One of the goals at Dutton Christian School is to develop Christian leaders for tomorrow.  The present and future include technology.  We need to prepare our students to become active members in God’s kingdom.  In order to achieve this goal, we want to give our students good tools.  Technology is a tool students can use to communicate, learn, grow, and share God’s love.  We also want to instruct them on how to use technology to glorify God.
Technology Overview
Each classroom is outfitted with a projector, document camera, Apple TV, sound system, and widescreens.  Each teacher is given a laptop that connects to this equipment for instruction that includes technology.  The students are given supervised access to computers in labs and classrooms.  4th and 5th graders also have access to a mobile laptop cart.  Early 5’s through 5th grade have iPads that are integrated into the curriculum goals.
Technology Integration Examples
In Early 5’s and Kindergarten teachers are using iPads to take interactive adventures all over the world to explore animals, people, and countries.  The students are also developing their senses of hearing, seeing, and touching through their experiences with these apps.  Kindergartners are practicing letter formation and sounds with instant feedback from apps.1st and 2nd graders are reading in new ways through the use of document cameras and e-books.  Teachers are displaying books under the document camera and student writing examples.  Students are able to take comprehension to a new level with interactive e-books that let students connect with the characters and ask questions as they read.3rd graders are developing their math skills by collaborating and practicing math facts on the iPads.  This is not just a new way to do flashcards.  Students are using critical thinking skills in real world situations.In fourth grade students are exploring Solomon’s temple through virtual tours using the GLO Bible app.  They are also observing moon phases, daylight, and weather conditions instantly from apps.The fifth graders are using laptops to participate in discussion groups about books they are reading and creating work using various digital mediums.
Programs Resources
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