Mrs. Lisa TerHaar

Education Background

  • Sylvan Christian School
  • Grand Rapids Christian High School
  • Trinity Christian College (Elementary Education Major, Church and Ministry Leadership Minor)
  • Cornerstone University (Masters in Educational Technology)

Teaching Experience

  • Taught 4th grade for three years at Summit Christian School in Fort Myers, Florida
  • Taught 2nd grade at Dutton Christian School for 1 year
  • Taught 4th grade at Dutton Christian School since 2011

Personal Life

In my free time, I love baking, crafts, playing games with family and friends, and watching sunsets on Lake Michigan. I also enjoying spending time with my young son and husband taking walks and exploring God’s creation. I am a member at Discovery Church, where my husband is the director of youth and outreach.

Why I became a Christian school teacher

There are several reasons why I teach in a Christian school.  First, I have attended Christian schools all my life.  I am very grateful for my education and the spiritual growth that was fostered by my teachers.  My goal is to share what I have learned to prepare the next generation to be active members in God’s kingdom as they grow spiritually and academically.  Second, I believe the spiritual life of a student is more important than academics.  Of course a student must receive a quality education and succeed in school.  However, they need to be introduced or reacquainted with their Savior Jesus Christ. I want God’s glory to pour out from my classroom.  The students will be challenged to have a personal relationship with Jesus and share His love with others.  Third, I hold a reformed Biblical worldview.  I believe God is sovereign over all areas.  It is difficult for me to imagine learning without Christ fused into subject areas and experiences.

An example of how I integrate faith into my classroom

I believe that God is sovereign over all areas of life, including education.  It is important to integrate our Christian faith into all subjects and activities.  Teaching from a reformed perspective doesn’t include adding a Bible class and praying.  It involves a conscientious effort to see God in all subject areas.  For example, instead of just teaching the facts about animals and their habitats, I want to challenge my students into a deeper discussion about how God created each animal.  Each animal is created with adaptations to survive in its environment.  The Word of God is a powerful tool in education.  I use it daily in my teaching lessons to provide behavioral guidance when a student is misbehaving and make it the foundation of all learning.  When I read a biography about Thomas Edison with my fourth graders we discussed priorities.  We looked at what God wants as our number one priority and how we should manage success as Christians. I also provide opportunities to show Christ’s love to others in the classroom, school, community, and world.  God is an amazing creator and as I teach my students academically, I strive to help them grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Fun Fact 

I have traveled to 6 different countries on 4 continents.  I love traveling and sharing my experiences with my students.