Upper and Lower Elementary Technology

Dutton Christian School maintains a state-of-art computer lab with 26 Apple computers. Students in first through fifth grade have computer class twice a week and work on a variety of projects using researching, presentation, and word processing skills. I work closely with classroom teachers to plan engaging lessons that are integrated with science, social studies, or language arts.  Upper elementary students collaborate with classmates using Google Docs and enjoy creating projects that have a purpose for a real audience.

Students in the upper grades also learn keyboarding skills with the program Type to Learn which they continue in middle school. Younger students enjoy using the paint/draw program Kidpix to write and create illustrations about topics they’re studying in their classrooms. Digital storytelling is another project that students enjoy. Each year when school starts in the fall, students in third through fifth grade bring in pictures of their summer vacation on a disc or flashdrive.  Third graders create a newsletter with favorite pictures and a written summary of summer highlights.  Fourth graders create summer movies in iMovie that are burned to a DVD.  Fifth graders make memory books with summer pictures using the RealeWriter program. Students are very motivated to work with their own pictures, and they love sharing their projects with others. Throughout the school year, students also learn about safety and responsibility on the Internet.  The digital literacy and citizenship curriculum is adapted from Common Sense Media and aligns with International Society of Technology Education (ISTE) standards.