Physical Education



Each grade level has decisional goals which apply to students actions and words.

Each grade level has intellectual goals which apply to the knowledge of what is being taught.

Each grade level has fitness goals which apply to strength, flexibility, respiratory endurance and muscular endurance.

Each grade level has motor proficiency/play goals which includes balance, coordination, rhythm, and locomotor and object control skills.








Early 5’s through second grade physical education goals:

  1. To gain fitness and motor proficiency
  2. To develop Christ-like attitudes toward group activities.
  3. To teach the rules of team sports

By providing students with the knowledge, skills, fitness and Christian attitudes necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, they will be well equipped to serve God and others.

Special Activities:

  1. Each fall the Early 5’s through second grade participate in the Guinness World Record in Sport Stacking.  Each student sport stacks for 30 minutes on a specified day.  Each Dutton student is a part of the World Record!
  2. The Mileage Club is held for 4 weeks in April for Early 5’s – fifth grade.  Each noon hour recess the students run/walk a quarter mile track and receive a punch on their mileage card by parent volunteers for each lap they complete.  After the student has a full card, they receive a toe token and other prizes.
  3. The parents receive a newsletter every nine weeks containing what was covered in class during that time.