Early 5′s class is designed for the child with a summer or fall birthday who would benefit from an additional year of school for social and/or emotional growth prior to entering Kindergarten. Your child should be 5-years-old by January 1st. Early 5′s class meets Monday – Friday 8:05 – 11:15 am or 12:05 – 3:15 pm.

In Early 5’s, we “Travel God’s World in 180 Days!”  With the use of our trusty Passports, we travel all seven continents by plane, and we even dip into the depths of the ocean with the help of a submarine!  While exploring all of God’s creation, we celebrate how God has created so many unique, beautiful creatures.  Through the use of the ZooPhonics curriculum, we discover some mystery letters that inhabit each continent.  We participate in literacy rich activities for each mystery letter we learn, and investigate in our classroom and our school’s hallways to find that letter, or to find an object that begins with that letter sound.  We are engrossed in learning throughout our day through literature, poetry, song, and movement.

Classroom Highlights:

  • Field Trip to Camp Roger
  • Field Trip to Boulder Ridge
  • “Continent Feast” for each continent we visit – We eat authentic food from there, and do this while listening to music that represents a culture from that part of God’s world.


Social Studies

We travel God’s world, flying to all seven continents, stamping our passports, and celebrating His creation while learning about animals, other cultures, different foods and music, and even phonetic awareness!


We learn about how God is the creator of heaven and earth, and the Bible is His love story for His people.  Every part of the Bible tells a little bit about God sent a Rescuer for His beloved people.  We learn the importance of loving and worshipping God and the implications that has in our lives each and every day!


We learn about shapes, patterns, and numbers all around us.  Many of us count to 100 by the end of the year, and can even recognize the written numbers.  We have fun creating things out of shapes and patterns too.


Each week we learn a “Mystery Letter,” using ZooPhonics as a base.  We explore the hallways, classrooms, and books to find objects and words that have that mystery letter for the week.  We also work on writing the uppercase and lowercase “pairs” and have fun creating each letter using sticks, wooden blocks, and even our bodies.  We learn songs and poems that they also put in order, and some discover they are able to read it on their own by the end of the year.  Lastly, we take time to “Listen to Reading, Read to Someone, and Read to Self” using backseat books that they hang on their chairs.  This is a great way to get them ready for Daily 5 in Kindergarten!


While exploring God’s creation, we learn about the different habitats animals live in, why they live there, as well as what is fun and unique about each of them. Using the ZooPhonic letters, we learn about those animals.

Click here to download the Early 5’s/Kindergarten Brochure