5th Grade

5th grade is “the bridge” between elementary school and middle school. Our students are neither elementary nor middle school students, but the “tweeners.” As we plan curriculum, lessons, activities, and goals, we are focused on the abilities and unique needs specific to 5th graders with a goal of preparing them for the responsibilities of the middle school years. We are a community that works, learns and has fun together in a variety of ways.

Bring on the Books

AR Book Finder : We’ve upgraded our Accelerated Reader program to a new online version!  Now teachers, students, and parents can look for books based on reading level. There are over 130,000 different titles based on reading level, interest, and topic!

Click here for information on how to download books from the library on snow days http://www.kdl.org/downloads/help

A very active 5th-grade schedule includes:

  • RTI groups for Literacy and Math
  • 5th grade music
  • 5th grade learning days
  • 5th/6th mixer
  • Band/Orchestra
  • GVSU’s research vessel, the D.J. Angus, in Grand Haven
  • Grand Rapids Symphony
  • Calvin College Chemistry Demo
  • Spelling Bee and Geography Bee
  • “The Talk”
  • Learning American flag etiquette and responsibility.
  • Bring on the Books!
  • Research project
  • Alternate – Chapel & Friday 5th grade spiritual small groups
  • An extensive year-long intramural program, consisting of  soccer, flag football, floor hockey, kickball,  running club, and softball with goals of healthy exercise, skill and coordination development, and practicing teamwork, leadership, and Christian sportsmanship.

5th Grade Curriculum


Students continue to use the Daily 3 (read to self, work on writing, and read to someone) to spend a lot of time with choice reading and writing. The CAFE strategies are also taught to improve their comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanded vocabulary. Students reflect on personal reading habits, learn to make good personal book choices, and learn to pay attention to what makes a “self-directed reader”.  5th graders read, comprehend and analyze various genres through historical fiction & realistic fiction book clubs, independent reading, Bring on the Books, and various read-alouds.


Students continue to improve their writing as they spend time in their writer’s notebooks. They also focus on specific traits (conventions, organization, word choice, ideas, sentence fluency, and voice) through specific writing assignments such as paragraph writing, personal narrative, informational writing, and persuasive essays.  Students also have the opportunity to listen to mentor text to improve their writing.

Social Studies 

We also enlarge our knowledge of Geography by learning the locations continents, oceans, major U.S. mountain ranges, major rivers of the U.S.  5th graders study U.S. history from the beginnings to the 1800’s.  Units focus on Native Americans, European Exploration,  African Life before 16th Century, Three World Interaction, Colonization & Settlement, Life in Colonial America, the American Revolution and the New Nation.

Grammar / Language

Our grammar curriculum is integrated within the writing instruction.  We start with learning about sentences and their subjects and verbs.  Common and proper nouns, singular, plural, and possessive nouns are next.  Regular and irregular verbs follow verb tenses and helping verbs.  Adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, and interjections are interspersed with a look at pronouns. Students will occasionally have homework assigned to them online through a program called No Red Ink.


Walking with God and His People  (Christian Schools International)

The fifth grade curriculum spans the Old and New Testaments, examining God’s covenant promises, from the exile through Jesus’ early life and ministry.  As students learn about the various leaders God raised up for His people, they will see His loving care and preparation for His people unfold through the fulfillment of Jesus’ ministry. Throughout this curriculum students will think of ways that God is preparing them for work in His kingdom.


Everyday Math

  • Area and Volume
  • Whole Number Place Value and Operations
  • Fraction Concepts, Addition, and Subtraction
  • Decimal Concepts; Coordinate Grids
  • Operations with Fractions
  • Investigations in Measurement; Decimal Multiplication and Division
  • Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs
  • Applications of Measurement, Computation, and Graphing

MS Classrooms_21Science

Battle Creek Science

Structures and Properties of Matter

This unit is developed to build on the second grade uint and to help students gain a greater understanding of the concept that matter is made up of particles that are too small to be sen but can be detected through different measurements, and of how matter reacts with other types of matter.

Objects in the Sky

This unit builds on the concepts of the fourth grade unit, The View from Earth, and students demonstrate using models rotation on axis and orbits due to gravity of Earth and other planets. They relate the relative position of the sun, moon, and Earth to seasons, moon phases, eclipses, tides and day and night.

Systems and Survival

Students examine three different “systems” in their lives, classification system, ecosystems, and human body systems. They use the characteristics of organisms to build model ecosystems, classify organisms by physical traits, and research human body systems and how they work together.


For up to date information on homework due for 5th grade students please click on the link below.

5th Grade Homework