Our pre-kindergarten program will provide many experiences to aid the growth and development of your child, helping him or her to become a creative decision-maker, constructive problem-solver, cooperative playmate and an appreciative child of God’s creation – exploring and investigating His world. Christ is the center of our program. His world is our playground.

Download the pre-kindergarten brochure

To request a copy of the pre-kindergarten handbook, please email [email protected]

Goals of our preschool program:

  1. To develop a sense of wonder, excitement, and appreciation for God’s creation.
  2. To encourage the growth of a positive self-image, problem-solving strategies, and mutual respect by allowing children to explore, choose, and express themselves.
  3. To encourage each child to develop their own creativity and uniqueness by giving them the freedom to try new ideas.
  4. To encourage artistic exploration through various media and open-ended activities.
  5. To encourage the development of small and large muscle skills, visual and auditory discrimination, and cognitive development.
  6. Develop an assurance of God’s love for the child and encourage a loving response to God and others.
  7. Establish a sense of social responsibility by encouraging cooperation and sensitivity to others.
  8. To encourage good listening and work habits.
  9. Above all, to build an atmosphere of Christian love an acceptance that will enable all other goals to be achieved.