Dutton Christian School is dedicated to caring for God’s world. TerraCycle  is a wonderful program that teaches our students how to reduce, reuse & recycle along with being a great fundraiser for our school. Items that are normally thrown away, such as  chip bags, juice pouches, personal care bottles,  and more can now be recycled.

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Not only do students recycle items at school, but they have recycle bags at home that they fill up and bring back to school.  There are several exciting competitions throughout the year to encourage recycling.  Over 150 students K – 6th grade excitedly take an active part in helping sort recycle items that are brought in.  Parents help with picking up at the middle school, picking up at salons in the area, sewing bags, baking cookies, and more.

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Paper Gator

DCS participates in Paper Gator. Each filled dumpster earns us money from BPV Environmental in Byron Center.  The material is used for lawn mulch and pet products.

The dumpster with the gator on it may take newspaper, office paper, junk mail, catalogs, phone books  construction paper, damaged books and more.  It is NOT meant for cardboard or plastic bags.

North and south campus students help get the classroom recycled paper out to the “Gator” each week.