Room Parents



Description and Volunteer Responsibilities


Room Parents play a vital role at Dutton Christian School. Room parents work closely with the teachers to help to take care of the needs in the classroom, such as finding volunteers for classroom activities, field trips and special events (i.e., Harvest Sale and class Christmas parties, etc.). Room moms are also responsible for helping to organize class gifts for the teachers and support staff on their birthdays.


There are two rooms moms – a head room mom and assistant room mom – PER CLASS for Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. These two individuals will work together to determine how best to support the teacher and the classroom needs throughout the school year. The head room mom will serve at the primary contact for teachers and parents.


The head room mom and assistant room mom can work together to bounce ideas off of one another, support/fill in for each other, when needed, divide up some of the room mom responsibilities, etc.


Room Mom Responsibilities

  • Communicate with the parents in your child’s class on a regular basis regarding classroom events and needs, teacher requests, etc.
  • Work with the teacher to determine his/her needs for volunteers, snacks, etc. throughout the year
  • Organize volunteers, transportation and/or snacks for class field trips, classroom activities and events (i.e, the class Christmas Party, the teacher appreciation luncheon, etc.)
  • Collect money and organize a class BIRTHDAY gift for the teacher and the Adopt-a-staff individual(s) that the class has been assigned. (Note: Adopt-a-staff was launched last year to ensure DCS co-curricular teachers, learning support staff, administration and staff feel appreciated throughout the year. Each classroom is assigned one or two support staff individuals).
  • Make sure the teacher is remembered in some way during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Work with the other room moms in your child’s grade to determine and organize a class project or item that will be donated and auctioned off at the annual DCS Harvest Sale fundraising auction. There will be only one project/item per grade. School Circle provides an allowance to help cover the cost.


Birthdays/Christmas gifts

Room moms organize a class birthday gift for their teacher and assigned support staff. DCS School Circle will provide an envelope at the beginning of the school year to collect money for these group gifts. We would like to try to raise a minimum of $50 per class for the teacher and $25 per class for the Adopt-a-staff individual(s). If room moms do not receive this amount, School Circle will provide the remaining amount needed to reach these goals.