Extra-Curricular Activities

Because of our desire to engage beyond the classroom, DCS has implemented a variety of multi-grade level activities that help our students build community, enhance their spirituality, and strengthen their academics. 

Elementary School Extra-Curricular Activities

Because of our desire to engage beyond the classroom, DCS has implemented a variety of multi-grade level activities that help our students build community, enhance their spirituality, and strengthen their academics. Weekly worship and GIFT groups, classroom buddies, the Mileage Club, and FARM (Fine Arts and Reading Month) are just a few of the activities our students are involved in throughout the year.

Worship and GIFT Groups

Every Friday, before the staff and students in the elementary building head home for the weekend, we come together as a community of believers. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through worship, God’s spoken word, and testimonies from believers who have gone before us and who are currently walking alongside of us. It is such a powerful experience hearing God’s children worship with all of their hearts, share stories of God’s love and faithfulness, and be challenged to live a life of discipleship as Christ lived his!

Worship and GIFT Groups
Elementary Extra Curricular Activities

Classroom Buddies

We started our Buddy Program almost 20 years ago. Each class between preschool and fifth grade is paired with another class at least two years apart. Throughout the school year the two classes participate in various activities together, such as reading to each other, working on art projects together, doing service projects, etc. The buddy concept is a win-win combination. The younger class looks up to their BIG buddies (“Teacher, I saw MY buddy at recess time today!”) and the older class enjoys teaching and nurturing their younger buddies.

Reading Month


March is national reading month.  We celebrate reading with a theme for the month and have fun activities and events that focus on books and reading.  

Fine Arts and Reading Month
Mileage Club

Mileage Club

Mileage Club is a four-week program beginning in May sponsored by Fifth Third Bank and held on the playground during noon hour. Each student (kindergarten – fifth grade) sets a goal to walk/run at least two laps (half-mile) a day. Parent volunteers punch the students’ mileage cards after each lap is completed. Each card completed is five miles, and the student receives a toe token for each completed card.

Many students complete more than two laps a day. Other prizes include a 10-mile footprint, a 15-mile certificate, signing a 20-mile banner, a framed 25-mile certificate, and signing a 30, 40 and 50-mile banner. The mileage club ends with free entry into the Fifth Third Junior fun runs and 5K!


This year about 75 4th and 5th graders participated in an extensive year-long intra-mural program, consisting of soccer, flag football, floor hockey, kickball, running club, and softball with goals of healthy exercise, skill, and coordination development, and practicing teamwork, leadership, and Christian sportsmanship.


Middle School Extra-Curricular Activities

Student Activities Advisory Board

Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB)

Student Activities Advisory Board is a form of student council here at the middle school. All 8th graders take a turn being on SAAB along with two 6th graders and two 7th graders each quarter. In SAAB we make plans for service projects each quarter and plan fun days for students to participate in throughout the year. Last year we visited Mel Trotter to do service as well as take a tour and learn more about their mission to help the community. Each month we also have the opportunity to work at the food pantry at Redeemer Covenant.


  • Hush Day: On Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s days students are welcome to bring valentines for friends, but we really do not have any special plans for that day. There may be a treat.
  • March Mayhem: Every Tuesday and Thursday during the month of March we have special dress-up days. Examples include Color Day where each homeroom class wears a different color, Hat Day, School Spirit Day, and more.

Robotics Club

DCS Defender Robotics is a team that consists of around 18 – 7th or 8th grade students and several parent mentors. 
Each year, the team competes in a competition. Each yearly challenge consists of a 2:30 match. The first :30 of each match features an ‘autonomous period’ where the robot can only operate under preset programmed instructions or sensor inputs. After the autonomous period comes a 1:30 ‘driver controlled period’ where one driver and one operator control the robot and its abilities to accomplish tasks worth points. At the end of the driver controlled period, each match ends in an ‘end game’  where the driver and operator must perform other specific tasks worth more points. 
The DCS Robotics team would not be possible without the generous contributions of their community sponsors. These community sponsors make it possible for the team to purchase needed parts and field equipment for practicing prior to the FTC event. 
Science Olympiad
Friday Morning prayer group

Friday Mornings (FM)

Students may choose to attend the Friday Morning prayer group that meets from 7:15-7:30 and provides a time of prayer for middle school students and teachers. Doughnuts, milk, and juice are provided monthly thanks to School Circle. Parents are welcome!

Accountability Groups

All middle school students are assigned to a small group with an adult leader. These groups are formed in 6th grade and stay together all three years of middle school. The groups generally meet two Friday mornings each month. On the rest of the Fridays, we either have a chapel speaker or a singing chapel.

Accountability Groups
5-8 Spelling Bee

5-8 Spelling Bee

Each year Dutton Christian participates in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Five students from grades 5-8 compete in a school bee with the winner and runner-up continuing on to the regional bee. The winner from each regional bee progresses to The Greater Grand Rapids Bee, and the winner then continues on to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

5-8 Geography Bee

Each year our 5th – 8th grade students participate in the National Geographic Geography Bee. Students participate in classroom level bees and 5 from each grade level advance to the school bee held in early December. There the questions become more challenging, and the students have to think carefully to do well. Our school winner is able to take a multiple-choice test for an opportunity to be one of the top 100 students across the state of Michigan to complete at the state level. In four of the last five years, our school winner has been able to advance. The next step is the national bee held in Washington, DC led by Jeopardy questioner Alex Trebeck. We have not made it to that level yet, but we’ll keep trying.

5-8 Geography Bee
Exploratory Classes

Exploratory Classes

At least once each year, middle school students are given the opportunity to participate in an exploratory class. Exploratory classes are taught by middle school staff members as well as several parents, grandparents or community volunteers. Students are taught a skill or hobby that is not a regular part of our school’s curriculum. Examples include sewing, strategic games, edible art, geocaching, yearbook photography, graphite pencil drawing and many more. Classes usually happen in February.

Annual Christmas Talent/ Variety Show and Parties

The Lip Sync/Variety Show is a great way our middle school students can showcase their creative talents. The show is on the last day before Christmas break and it always a lot of fun! Students can either sing a song or duet, play a piano or instrumental piece, perform a comedy sketch, perform a lip sync, or do other fun skits. Also, it is tradition for the middle school male teachers to perform a Red Green TV show comedy act, which is always very comical. The variety show is enjoyed by all!

Annual Christmas Talent Show and Party
Math Triathlon

Math Triathlon

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in a school math competition to earn a spot on the math triathlon team. Calvin University sponsors the math triathlon each year – students take an individual test, a team test and participate in a team relay.

7th and 8th Grade Plays


7th Grade Dessert Theater

All 7th graders are invited to try out for the play. Anyone who tries out will be cast in a role. There is one after school rehearsal per week during the fall, and the play is performed in November. The 7th grade play is performed at the North Campus, with delicious desserts served during intermission. 


8th Grade Play

All 8th graders are inited to tryout for the play. Anyone who tries out will be cast in a role. There are two rehearsals per week in January, February, and March, and the play is performed in March. The 8th grade play is performed at South Christian High School. 


8th grade Play
Turkey Bowl and Parade

Turkey Bowl

Turkey Bowl every November; Turkey Bowl Parade every other year.

Every other year we have an exciting DCS tradition known as the Turkey Bowl Parade. It is the culmination of several school activities that celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday; is an opportunity for food donations to be gathered for a selected charity; and is always a fun, festive time for the school community to gather. The parade consists of food-filled wagons decorated by each class kindergarten through 8th grade. Families are invited and encouraged to gather to cheer the parade participants.

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Why Dutton Christian School

Hear what some of our parents have to say about their experience here.

20 Years & Counting

“In the Fall of 1985, the first of our 3 boys started Kindergarten. We were so impressed with the staff and the commitment of the parents sending their children to DCS. As years passed, we became very involved in the school which gave us an inside look at how the school was run. We loved DCS over all the years our boys were there (1985-1999).

Now, here we are 20+ years later, so grateful and blessed to have grandchildren at DCS. And guess what, it is STILL the great school it was many years ago! Thank you administrators and staff for staying faithful & true to the mission of Dutton Christian School! To God be the glory!”

-Pat Ringnalda

They're Amazing

“Teachers and staff are amazing! We love DCS and everything they have done for our kids!”

-Rachael Brinks

Great Community

“Such a great community. Thankful my children are being educated and nurtured in their faith at this great school.”

-Rebecca Helmus

Greatly Impacted My Life

“Dutton Christian School has greatly impacted my life. As a former student of DCS, I have experienced the amazing commitment to Christian Education from each of my teachers. They diligently walked alongside me to nurture not only my mind but also my spirit. In addition, as a parent of 3 children who attended preschool through 8th grade at Dutton Christian School, I have always felt that my children were valued by their teachers as a unique child of God. Furthermore, I have been blessed to be a teacher at Dutton Christian for over 11 years. As a teacher, I have experienced the loving support of the DCS community, a community deeply rooted in their faith. In many seasons of my life, Dutton Christian School has made a great difference and an eternal impact!”

-Kerri Nitz, 6th grade English and Language Arts teacher

I Have Created Great Friendships

“My experience at Dutton Christian has significantly impacted my life to live for Christ. The teachers genuinely care about students, and I have created great friendships. Biblical knowledge is incorporated through each class, and I will always remember the important life lessons that I have been taught by Dutton Christian.”

-Nicole V., DCS Student

We Were Welcomed With Open Arms

“Our children transferred in from a local public school and were welcomed with open arms. The staff is awesome, the location great, and incorporating faith based curriculum was an important consideration to our family. As uncomfortable as it was for our children to come into a new school, teachers and students reached out to them and us to make the transition as comfortable, seamless, and welcoming as possible.”

-Kevin James, DCS Parent

I Recommend Dutton Christian School

“I had a wonderful morning with 5th grade PE. Many adults could learn from these children who showed love, kindness, and support to each other. They showed love with one another as Jesus has taught us!”

-Cheryl Kaiser VanderMolen, DCS Parent

"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10