Middle School

Dutton Christian North Campus is a great place for students to begin to explore some independence and grow academically, spiritually, and in their relationships with others.

Offering A Comprehensive Program

Having a second campus just down the street from the South Campus allows the North Campus to function on its own, but to still stay connected to the entire Dutton Christian Community. Middle school students have their own learning community within the North Campus which runs on it’s own schedule, separate from the upper elementary.

Middle school students are offered a variety of new opportunities both in and out of the classroom to serve and develop their gifts. We strive to prepare students for high school by developing organization skills, responsibility, higher order thinking, and collaboration with peers. Our hope is for our students to see the value in themselves and others as we are each created in the image of God.

8th grade Play

Highlights of Our Middle School Program

5-8 Spelling Bee

Sixth Grade Highlights

Students transition to middle school while taking more responsibility for their homework. There are new opportunities to serve and develop their gifts both in and out of the classroom. 


Science Olympiad

Seventh Grade Highlights

In 7th grade, students are starting to prepare for high school by developing organization skills, responsibility, higher order thinking, and collaboration with peers.


Student Activities Advisory Board

Eighth Grade Highlights

Challenging academics and a curriculum that encourages students to be thinking intentionally about their faith and their role in class are a big part of 8th grade.


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Why Dutton Christian School

Hear what some of our parents have to say about their experience here.

20 Years & Counting

“In the Fall of 1985, the first of our 3 boys started Kindergarten. We were so impressed with the staff and the commitment of the parents sending their children to DCS. As years passed, we became very involved in the school which gave us an inside look at how the school was run. We loved DCS over all the years our boys were there (1985-1999).

Now, here we are 20+ years later, so grateful and blessed to have grandchildren at DCS. And guess what, it is STILL the great school it was many years ago! Thank you administrators and staff for staying faithful & true to the mission of Dutton Christian School! To God be the glory!”

-Pat Ringnalda

They're Amazing

“Teachers and staff are amazing! We love DCS and everything they have done for our kids!”

-Rachael Brinks

Great Community

“Such a great community. Thankful my children are being educated and nurtured in their faith at this great school.”

-Rebecca Helmus

Greatly Impacted My Life

“Dutton Christian School has greatly impacted my life. As a former student of DCS, I have experienced the amazing commitment to Christian Education from each of my teachers. They diligently walked alongside me to nurture not only my mind but also my spirit. In addition, as a parent of 3 children who attended preschool through 8th grade at Dutton Christian School, I have always felt that my children were valued by their teachers as a unique child of God. Furthermore, I have been blessed to be a teacher at Dutton Christian for over 11 years. As a teacher, I have experienced the loving support of the DCS community, a community deeply rooted in their faith. In many seasons of my life, Dutton Christian School has made a great difference and an eternal impact!”

-Kerri Nitz, 6th grade English and Language Arts teacher

I Have Created Great Friendships

“My experience at Dutton Christian has significantly impacted my life to live for Christ. The teachers genuinely care about students, and I have created great friendships. Biblical knowledge is incorporated through each class, and I will always remember the important life lessons that I have been taught by Dutton Christian.”

-Nicole V., DCS Student

We Were Welcomed With Open Arms

“Our children transferred in from a local public school and were welcomed with open arms. The staff is awesome, the location great, and incorporating faith based curriculum was an important consideration to our family. As uncomfortable as it was for our children to come into a new school, teachers and students reached out to them and us to make the transition as comfortable, seamless, and welcoming as possible.”

-Kevin James, DCS Parent

I Recommend Dutton Christian School

“I had a wonderful morning with 5th grade PE. Many adults could learn from these children who showed love, kindness, and support to each other. They showed love with one another as Jesus has taught us!”

-Cheryl Kaiser VanderMolen, DCS Parent

“Our world belongs to God and all truth comes from Him.”